Multiple Teams · Monday 3/1 Tryout Schedule (Baseball)

Hello Owl Family-
Here is the info for Monday. You should plan on the outdoor schedule this week! I will email you a schedule for each day throughout the week.
Have the kids wearing:
Baseball Pants, Hat, Owl colors if possible, name on shirt, bring your catchers gear, Helmet if you have one, Bat, Glove – Do not buy a bat if you do not have one
Store all gear in your car or if not a driver bring to the aux gym(North of main gym) in the morning and I will store it for you.
Must have a mask or gator and put a bottle of hand sanitizer in bag
 An opportunity to change clothes will be allowed at the Field in the bathroom(CBAC or Lepp) in small groups
Please have your own water bottle and have your name on everything
Players can try out for as many positions as they would like
Best this week if picking up your player to just have him text you when he is ready to be picked up. A coach can help with this if needed.
Mon March 1
SR/JR Pitchers and Catchers 6:00-6:45AM
SR/JR Hitters 6:45-7:30AM
Lepp Field/Win The Day Stadium- School Field
Freshmen Pitchers and Catchers 3:15PM
Freshmen Outfielders 4:30PM
Freshmen Infielders 5:15PM
Sophomore Hitters 6:15PM Aux Gym
All Juniors and Seniors 3:15- 5:45PM
Questions let me know,